Phaser 3.0 Evaluation Version Download

Try it before you buy it! Please download a free and fully functional evaluation version of Phaser. The evaluation period is good for 30 days. Try the application on your personal computer, workstation, or network server: if it suits your needs, come back, and buy an individual (single-user) license for your copy. For information and pricing on a site (multi-user) license for your university/company/agency, please refer to our site license page.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select the installer appropriate for your platform, provide your email address (and again to verify it), enter the CAPTCHA text, and then click on the "Request Download" button. A custom installer will be prepared for you to download. This process takes under one minute to complete. You will then receive a prompt email with download instructions for the selected installer.

Phaser Installer Selection

Target OS/Platform

Bundled JRE

File Size
phaser3.0-win32-setup.exe Windows (32-bit; 2000/XP/Vista) Sun's Java 6 ~ 37 MB Mac OS X (Tiger; Requires Java 5 or greater1) N/A1 ~ 4 MB
phaser3.0-linux-setup.bin Linux (32-bit; INTEL-based architecture) Sun's Java 6 ~ 43 MB
phaser3.0-sol32-setup.bin Solaris (32-bit; SPARC-based architecture) Sun's Java 6 ~ 50 MB
phaser3.0-gunix-setup.bin Unix (GENERIC; Requires Java 5 or greater1) N/A1 ~ 5 MB



A valid email address is required in order to receive the download instructions!

It is important that a correct email address be provided when requesting a download. Note, your contact information is kept strictly confidential. If you do not receive the mailed download instructions from us, please send mail to

Phaser Documentation

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Important Document Getting Started (User's Guide, PDF Document) 04/14/2007 VIEW
Important Document Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ, HTML Document) 03/09/2009 VIEW

NOTES: [1] The Mac OS X and generic UNIX installers require a pre-existing Java 1.5 or greater installation on the target platform. Regarding Mac OS X, an operating system version of 10.4.5 or later is required. Please consult your vendor documentation or support resources for information on obtaining and installing a suitable Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for your particular platform.

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