TOUR: Gallery and Projects: Overview

During simulations, the current state of Phaser can be saved as a Phaser Project file. Such a file can later be reloaded into Phaser either locally, or over the Internet by specifying its URL. These facilities make it easy to share findings with a colleague, continue investigation at a later time, or create demonstrations for students.

The Gallery is a workspace for multiple, concurrent, projects, organized in a visual manner. The current state of Phaser can be sent to any frame in the Gallery, where it is depicted as a smaller, iconic view. Frames in the Gallery can be reinstated as the current state of Phaser by selecting it in the Gallery and clicking Phaserize on the Gallery menu.

The entire Gallery can be saved as a Phaser Gallery file. The Gallery has the additional capability to step through a sequence of its frames, adding the dimension of animation to a demonstration. As with Project files, Gallery files can be loaded across the Internet.

The Projects section of this site provides several examples of Project files and Gallery files. We invite you to submit additional projects of general interest for all to share.

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