Welcome to Phaser
Thank you for considering Phaser as an addition to your Desktop!

Phaser provides a powerful, yet inviting, computing environment specifically crafted for the graphical and numerical simulations of differential and difference equations, from linear to chaotic.

Phaser has been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of users whether they be general chaos enthusiasts, students, instructors, or researchers. Written in pure Java, Phaser can be used on multiple platforms, or to share projects freely across platforms.

Chaos enthusiasts will appreciate Phaser's unprecedented ease of use, with graphics purposely set up to enhance the pleasures of learning about chaos and fractals. They will enjoy lively demonstrations revealing the dynamics of landmark equations.

Students will exploit Phaser's potential to manipulate standard textbook examples and exercises in order to achieve a better understanding of differential equations and their applications. They will find Phaser's step-by-step tutorials particularly useful.

Instructors of undergraduate and graduate classes will be pleased to learn that Phaser provides powerful media specifically designed for effective classroom or laboratory presentations. The Phaser Project environment and the Gallery can be used to store, retrieve and animate a variety of demonstration elements. Instructors will also appreciate that Phaser includes a comprehensive, expandable, library of equations and a reference guide to computational dynamical systems.

Researchers in fields as diverse as biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, mathematics, and physics will find Phaser an invaluable tool in their quest to visualize quantitative models quickly and accurately. An equation editor allows new equations to be entered without programming. State-of-the-art numerical algorithms provide research-grade results with completely configurable error controls. Phaser's fingertip controls allow for rapid exploration of global dynamics and bifurcations, as well as for the sharing of research findings across the Internet.

We invite you to take a tour and experience Phaser's user-friendly computing environment for yourself.