Direction Fields

To draw Direction Field in Phaser you may find the following guidelines helpful:

  1. Xi vs. Time: Direction fields are drawn on the Xi vs. Time view only. To make the main display area of Phaser this view, from the View menu on the main application window, select Xi vs Time.

  2. Numerics: Click on the Numerics button on the Main application window. This brings up the Numerics Editor to the foreground.

  3. Current View: Click on the Current View button on the button bar of the Numerics Editor.

  4. Direction Field: From the conrol tree on the left, select Direction Field. This brings up the panel for editing the Direction Field settings (as seen in the screen image above). Now, simply click on the check-box to enable the drawing of Direction Field.

  5. Apply: Click the Apply button to register the changes.

  6. Phaser: Click on the Phaser button to return to the Main Application window.

  7. Go: Click on the Go button to draw Direction field, as well as specified solutions.
The direction field slope line segments are drawn at the grid points. You specify the density of the direction field by adjusting the density of the grid points. To do this: