Initial Conditions

To set numerical values of initial conditions in Phaser:

  1. Numerics: Click on the Numerics button on the Main application window. This brings up the Numerics Editor to the foreground.

  2. Initial Conditions: Click on the Initial Conditions button on the button bar of the Numerics Editor. This brings up the Initial Conditions panel for the current equation. Now, simply type the desired inital values of t, x1, x2, etc. in the appropriate textfield. You can initialize upto 24 sets of initial conditions. To specify the values of additional Sets, check the boxes preceeding them.

  3. Color Chooser: You can change the preset colors of initial conditions by clicking on the color box next to a Set. Then from the ColorChooser that pops up, choose a color and click on the Apply button on the ColorChooser to select the color.

  4. Apply: Click the Apply button to register the changes.

  5. Phaser: Click on the Phaser button to return to the Main Application window.
You can also set initial conditions by simply clicking the left mouse button at the desired locations in the graphical view. Initial conditions so marked are recorded in the Initial Conditions panel (see the picture above). Note, however, that if precise values are required, you should enter initial conditions manually as outlined above.