To change Time for use the current computations in Phaser:

  1. Numerics: Click on the Numerics button on the Main application window. This brings up the Numerics Editor to the foreground.

  2. Time: Click on the Time button on the button bar of the Numerics Editor. This brings up the Time panel for the current computations. The twp most commonly used controls are Start plotting and Stop plotting.
    • Start Plotting: To specify the time units after which the computed points to be displayed. The solution are, of course, computed from the initial time but not displayed until Start Plotting time. This feature is useful for discarding early parts, transients, of a solution so that the ultimate fate of the solution can be discerned more readily.
    • Stop Plotting To specify the time units until which the solutions are to be computed. The solution are, of course computed from the initial time but displayed between Start Plotting and Stop Plotting times.
    Now, simply type the desired values in the appropriate textfield.

  3. Apply: Click the Apply button to register the changes.

  4. Phaser: Click on the Phaser button to return to the Main Application window.