Modules: Discrete Chaos

PHASER: A Universal Simulator for Dynamical Systems
Built on Java Technology



Hüseyin Koçak
University of Miami,
Phaser Scientific Software LLC


Discrete Chaos, Second Edition, by Saber Elaydi

Below, you will find entry points to a collection of Phaser simulations specifically crafted for the textbook Discrete Chaos by S. Elaydi. Simulations are labeled in accordance with the numbering of the Sections in the textbook.

To run the simulations, you should first install a copy of Phaser on your local machine, either from the CDROM included with the textbook or from our Web site Then you can simply click on a Phaser simulation picture or a link to bring it to life.

To run and explore these simulations, no previous experience with PHASER is necessary. Appropriate PhaserTips and guidance will be provided as needed. However, if you are a new user of PHASER, you might like to browse the pdf document GettingStarted for an overview of the program and work through the Tutorials therein. Please write to us with your comments and questions at