Currently, the Phaser support team provides the following forms of technical support for the installation and running of Phaser:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Before contacting us, it is recommended that you first check the FAQ for a list of questions that are frequently asked by users of Phaser.

Please consult the Phaser documentation included with the distribution. A README file contains installation information and last minute notes. A second file, GettingStarted, in PDF format, is provided for a quick start with Phaser and a set of one dozen tutorials for mastering the finer points. Finally, consult PhaserHelp from the menu item Help -> Help Contents. PhaserHelp comprises an extensive on-line manual for Phaser; moreover, it is an e-book of computational dynamical systems. In PhaserHelp, browse the Index and search for key words.
If you fail to locate a satisfactory answer to your Phaser question in the resources above, you can reach the Phaser technical support by sending mail to The following information should be provided when requesting help with an issue: the serial number of your copy of Phaser, the version of Phaser that your are using, the specific nature of the problem, and the name and version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and operating system being used. Such information may be obtained from the System Information item under the Phaser Help menu.

Related Links
A collection of links to web resources on matters of Java, Dynamical Systems, and Scientific Computations/Visualizations, etc. is compiled for your perusal.

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